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Christoph Jung, Psychologist MSc, Dog-Researcher and Author

Active Social Domestication of Dog
Abstract, published in Petwatch-Blog, 2014
Our newest paper, 2017
Neurobiological basics, 2013
Basics, first published (in geman), 2009

1. International Canine Science Conference 2017, 6.-8.10.2017, Arizona State University (Phoenix USA), Lecture: "Honor for a scavenger? Searching evidence for dog domestication on the waste dump." (Program/PDF)

Canine Science Conference

Our new Paper is out (peer reviewed): Pörtl D, Jung C. Is dog domestication due to epigenetic modulation in brain? Dog behavior Vol 3, No 2, 2017 https://doi.org/10.4454/db.v2i3 .

Polish Edition of "Tierisch beste Freunde"
published June 2017
Czlowiek i pies. O glaskaniu, stresie i oksytocynie Azymut 2017