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Christoph Jung, Psychologist M.Sc.
Independent Researcher and Author

Model of the
Active Social Domestication of Dog

Interview in Psychology Today with Marc Bekoff, Daniela Pörtl and Christoph Jung about: "Dumping the Dog Domestication Dump Theory Once and For All"

Recent papers:
Christoph Jung, Daniela Pörtl "Scavenging Hypothesis: Lack of evidence for Dog Domestication on the Waste Dump" Dog Behavior Vol 4, No 2 (2018) DOI: https://doi.org/10.4454/db.v4i2.73
Open access / Download
Pörtl D, Jung C. Physiological pathways to rapid pro-socuality evolution - highlighting the role of epigenetics & retrosposons in dog domestication is accepted in the first issue of new Biologia Futura which is previous Acta Biologica (Editor-in-Chief: Adam Miklosi)

Our Podium Talk is accepted. ISAZ 2019 : "Perception of Dogs in the public eye: Breeds - artifical phenomenon or integral part of human evolution" Juli 1-4 in Orlando (FL) (International Society for Anthrozoology)
International Society for Anthrozoology

Jung C, Pörtl D. How old are (Pet) Dog Breeds? Pet Behaviour Science - in Review
Pörtl D, Jung C. Is dog domestication due to epigenetic modulation in brain? Dog behavior Vol 3, No 2, 2017 https://doi.org/10.4454/db.v2i3

6. Canine Science Forum in Budapest July 3-6 2018 our talks:
Daniela Pörtl: “Is dog domestication due to epigenetic modulations in brain?” (Abstract)
Christoph Jung: “Scavenging Hypothesis: Lack of evidence for the popular model of Dog Domestication on the Waste Dump” (e.g. Coppinger)

Canine Science Forum Budapest

Active Social Domestication of Dog

Our book: "Tierisch beste Freunde: Mensch und Hund - von Streicheln, Stress und Oxytocin", 2015 (only in German and Polish)
Tierisch beste Freunde Pörtl Pörtl

Abstract, published in Petwatch-Blog, 2014, 2017, Neurobiological basics, 2013

Statement in the German TV Welt/N24 to join #BreedtoBreathe campaign. (2018-01)

Christoph Jung zu Quazucht bei Welt N24

Polish Edition of "Tierisch beste Freunde"
published June 2017
Czlowiek i pies. O glaskaniu, stresie i oksytocynie Azymut 2017